Strategy & Planning

Your business is unique, so our shared path is always different and deliberate. The goal, however, is always constant: all of our talent and experience

is leveraged to drive revenue for today, while building your brand for tomorrow.

Our access to an extensive group of databases, along with partner-provided insight, informs all of our planning and execution. We do not proceed unless we have a truly comprehensive perspective.

Project Management
We create a multi-channel plan that incorporates all aspects of the campaign, whether print, digital or media. Together with our client, we develop the framework that informs our stellar creative process.

Creative & Production

As a client, you may be surprised at our total integration of the strategy, creative and production teams. You shouldn’t be.

In an industry that all too often stratifies their content creation, we believe our team-oriented method is the only way to produce content that is both persuasive and on-brand.

Project Management
Expert strategists work side by side with our creative team to insure purposeful content that drives results and shapes or bolsters your brand. In our case, strategy and creative are literally married.

The best in the biz, our creative team has long ago run short on their award shelf space. But we like to let our work speak for itself. From TV to digital to device, the result is engaging storytelling that drives your customer to act, and that handles your brand identity with precision.

GB Media has full in-house direct response TV and online production facilities. Our DR producers are seasoned professionals, working seamlessly with strategy and creative, to create the look and feel you have been searching for.


We are laser-­focused on your media ROI, and apply traditional media buying expertise with the newest data­-driven techniques. 

With 15 years of relationships and volume spends, we have the ability to actualize media schedules that diversify your campaign across all national media and digital platforms.

Project Management
We have threaded the needle between clout and agility. Whether planning or buying, we strategize, execute and analyze in real time – providing you the best options at the right time.

Media Buyers
Armed with intelligent and testable media plans, our buyers are selected for their deep knowledge of the marketplace and willingness to scour the TV and digital terrain for the most precise placement at the best price possible.

Reporting and Analytics
Every move we make is data­driven. Our investment in industry-­leading technology and direct response databases provides you with a leg­up.

Campaign Management

GB Media offers you the option of comprehensive DR campaign management, but also allows you to pick and choose the services you need.

Project Management
Our strategy team has full in-house capabilities to take on all aspects of your DR campaign: front or back office, Soup to Nuts. Understanding that each product and campaign has its own requirements, we are here to support and guide our clients on marketing, logistics and fulfillment solutions. GB Media’s holistic approach ensures a campaign is firing on all cylinders.

We apply all of our creative and production expertise to your online marketing and ecommerce solutions. With an extensive network of technical partners, we can construct the nuts and bolts for you, inspiring your customers to engage and act. Moreover, we GB Media believes your digital support efforts are crucial, not ancillary. We can help insure that your customers’ digital experience is expertly crafted, whether in banner ads, paid search programs, or at your point of sale.

We’ve got your back-end covered. GB Media is experienced in arranging customer contact and point-of-sale solutions, as well as efficient fulfillment and logistics. With a view towards brand building, we want to ensure your customers’ experience is optimal – even after the sale is made.



Behind the Scenes at GB Media

Mission: The production team at GB Media is guided by their mission to build all client’s brand equity and deliver the highest possible ROI at every opportunity.

Partnership: GB Media seeks to guide you through the entire process to promote transparency. Watch your brand flourish in the hands of a production partner you can trust.

Leadership: Those goals combined with the passion and experience of CEO Georgia Benson has produced spectacular results time and time again.